2019 high-end art boutique recommendation:

Guang Xu Yuanbao made in Guangdong Province

陕西裕古珍文化传播发展有限公司【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视。

Shanxi Yuguzhen Culture Communication and Development Co., Ltd. The column recommends the strong communication effect of the collection to recommend the art treasure selected by the first level appraisal expert to the collector, so that the value of the art treasure can be explored and valued.


【规格】重量:26g 直径:39mm


【Name】Guang Xu Yuanbao made in Guangdong Province

【Specification】Diameter:39mm Weight:26g

【Category】 Coin






This collection is Guangxu Yuanbao Guangdong Province double dragon life coin. The double dragon life coin has seven money and two minutes of Guangxu Yuanbao. The front of the collection is Guangxu Yuanbao. The upper ring of the Pearl circle is engraved with the four characters of "made in Guangdong Province". The bottom of the collection is engraved with the value of "Kuping seven money and two cents". There is a four petal flower on each side. The center is Manchu "Guangxu Yuanbao". On the back of Yuanbao, the inner ring is cast with the totem of dragon flying, the dragon pattern is powerful and powerful, which has the style of emperor; the outer ring is cast with English, which is exquisite in appearance and unique in aesthetic style. Although the coin is small, it can also have a glimpse of the social culture at that time. Good appearance, clear font, regular shape, good texture, fluent writing style, fine decoration, this kind of coin is rare and has high collection value.


此藏品现交于陕西古珍文化传播发展有限公司网络市场部专员运作推广,欢迎各位莅临本公司赏析及协商,广大收藏家可以通过各大媒体以及欢迎 到公司了解详情,如需意向购买,提前办理好相关手续过来公司协商

This collection is now handed over to Shanxi Yuguzhen Culture Communication and Development Co., Ltd. Network marketing department to operate and promote, welcome to the company to appreciate and negotiate, the majority of collectors can through the major media and welcome to the company to know the details, if you need to purchase, go through the relevant formalities in advance to the company for consultation.

一件藏品的成交离不开广告宣传!本集团以自成立以来,始终秉承“公开,公平,公正,诚实,守信”的服务原则, 做最实在的宣传,上最高端的平台,享受最好的服务。

The deal of a collection cannot be separated from the advertisement! Since its establishment, the Group has always adhered to the service principle of the "Public, fair, fair, honest and trustworthy", and made the most practical promotion, the highest-end platform, and the best service.


Special hint: (the above collection holds treasure person is: Hunan Li entrusts our company to sell in good faith, welcome the collector from all walks of life to consult or bid, the picture is taken in kind, if in doubt may reserve our company to view the object) Shanxi Yuguzhen Culture Communication Development Co., Ltd.

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